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Services and Supports for Independent Living

Institutional care alternatives have an important part to play in caring for persons who need long-term care (LTC). However, most people would prefer to receive care in their own home, if possible.

Many people who must spend some time in an institution are able, after a period, to return to living on their own with the proper supports and services. The District has implemented a range of programs to help residents (1) remain in the community as long as possible, and (2) return to living in the community, after a period of time in a long-term care facility, when the time is right.

DC Programs to Help Residents Transition Out of LTC Facilities

The District of Columbia offers a range of programs that can help with housing, transportation, home-delivered meals, caregiver support, and respite care. Each is described below in this chapter. These services can help eligible elders and persons with disabilities stay in the community or, alternatively, move out of long-term care facilities and back to their homes or to a new home in the community. There are also services that provide ongoing supports for individuals who choose to move out of intermediate care facilities for persons with intellectual disabilities.

“Money Follows the Person” Initiative

Additionally, the District of Columbia is in the process of implementing a federal demonstration program titled, “Money Follows the Person,” which will improve the District’s transition options and transition services for residents who live in LTC facilities and would like to return to the community.

To learn more about this initiative, contact the ADRC at (202) 724-5626.

DC Olmstead Community Integration Plan

The District-sponsored Olmstead Community Integration Plan is a program specifically designed to assist in transitioning people with disabilities out of institutions into the community. In 1999, the US Supreme Court ruled that everyone has a right to live in the community if they choose to do so. You can discuss your desires and wishes with your family, caregivers, and medical team about appropriate resources for living in the community. The District’s Olmstead Plan (DC: One Community for All) focuses on transitioning and diverting individuals with disabilities from institutional settings into community settings with the proper supports.

To learn more about the Olmstead Plan, please contact the Office of Disability Rights at (202) 724-5055 or TTY: (202) 727-3363.